Front view of a Crafters cabin

Terms & Conditions

Check In/Out

Check-In Time: 3pm

Check Out Time: 10am

Early check-In or Late-Check out is subjected to bed/room availability on the relevant day, To be reconfirmed with staff.

A Fee is chargeable for early check-in from 10 00 to 15 00 hours and late check-out from 10 00 to 12 00 hours.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund for cancellations made prior to 14 days before check-in, less $60 administration fee.

7-14 day's notice given - 50% of the total booking value will be charged - unless you transfer your booking to another time within 6 months.

Less than 7 days notice - you will be charged 100% of the total booking value.

PLEASE NOTE If you have booked via Airbnb, their Terms and Conditions apply to the booking.

Payment Terms

Payments via Stripe – total cost is charged at Booking.

Booking is not confirmed until payment is received.

We have a 3 night minimum stay on all of our properties. However, at Managements discretion may be able to provide 1 or 2 night stays. These will incur a $60 (2 night) and $120 (1 night) cleaning fee. 


The property has  an open fire and woodfired hottub outside, it is to be operated at user's responsibility in accordance with current RFS Guidelines. In the event of High, Extreme, Catastrophic and Total Fire Bans use of the Hottub and Open Fire will be prohibited.

The woodfired hot tub, it is to be operated at user's responsibility in accordance with instructions in the manual provided.

1. Number of Occupants

All stays must be used for private/residential use only and to accommodate the number of guests (maximum 2) stated on your booking confirmation.

No functions or parties may be conducted at the property.

Exceeding the stated number of guests will result in a termination of booking and you being required to vacate the property immediately without refund.

Charges for additional guests will be debited to your Credit Card without further notice. If the amount owing is above the amount held you hereby accept this liability.

2. Cleaning

A professional clean will be carried out on check out. Mid-stay cleans & a change of linen are available upon request and may incur additional fees. If a property is found to be left in an unreasonable state at check out, there may be excess cleaning charges involved. This will be determined on a case to case basis and a member of our team will contact the guest to advise of the excess cleaning.

Please leave the property in a neat and tidy state.

3. Children

Unfortunately we can not accommodate children on the property

4. Pets

Unfortunately we can not accommodate pets on the property.

5. Damage

Whilst you are in occupation, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture fittings, or any consequent loss suffered by the Property Owner/Agent. Any such breakages, damage or loss must be reported immediately. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a debit of any such costs and expenses to your credit card or security deposit without further notice.

6. Smoking

There is no smoking inside any of the Properties. If there is evidence of such including a smoke odour you will be charged a fee of $500 to cover the cleaning.

7. Right to Refuse or Revoke Bookings

The Booking Agent and the Owner reserve the right to revoke or refuse to honour any property accommodation booking which may in the opinion of either party (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the Property concerned.

8. Disclaimer

I/We hereby acknowledge and agree that the Property Owner and Agent will not be held responsible nor liable for:

Any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused whilst I/we are in occupancy of the accommodation due to my/our failure to comply with the Term and Conditions or House Rules;

Any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused due to negligence on my/our /their part.

Any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused as a result of insects or wildlife in or around the accommodation site. All occupants are to take specific care at all time and requested not to approach any wildlife under any circumstances.

9. Indemnity

You, the guest, indemnify the agency against any liability which may attach to the agency as a result of damage, injury or loss being personal or proprietary suffered by any person where damage, injury or loss has been contributed to or caused by any act or occasion of the tenant or his/her visitor.

Management reserves the right to update these Terms + Conditions when required at their discretion.

Hot Tub – General Safety Precautions

It is important that you read and understand the following warnings and precautions before using the hot tub.

1. Water temperate above 38 degrees celsius may be injurious to your health.

2. Before entering the hot tub, measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer. Prolonged soaking in temperatures in excess of 38 degrees celsius may cause drowsiness, fainting and may induce hyperthermia. Hyperthermia occurs when the internal temperature of the body reaches a level several degrees above the normal body temperature of 37 degrees celsius. The symptoms of hyperthermia include an increase in the internal temperature of the body, dizziness, lethargy, drowsiness, and fainting. The effects of hyperthermia include failure to perceive heat, failure to recognise the need to exit the hot tub, unawareness of impending hazard, foetal damage in pregnant women, physical inability to exit the hot tub, and unconsciousness resulting in danger of drowning.

3. To avoid unconsciousness and possible drowning, do not use drugs or alcohol before or during the use of a hot tub.

4. The use of alcohol, drugs or medication can greatly increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia. Any persons with heart or circulatory conditions or on prescribed medication should consult their doctor before using a hot tub.

5. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorised access by children. To avoid accidents, ensure that children cannot use the hot tub unless they are supervised.

6. People using medications and/or having an adverse medical history should consult a doctor before using a hot tub.

7. People with infectious diseases should not use a hot tub.

8. To avoid injury, exercise care when entering or exiting the hot tub.

9. Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should consult a doctor before using a hot tub.

10. Do not use your hot tub immediately following strenuous exercise.

11. Prolonged immersion in a hot tub may be injurious to your health.